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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW410
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7 m³ Truck Mixer Model: MXT712

Cement Silo

Cement silo

In the construction industry, cement refers to a material which is used to bond different aggregates such as stone, sand, bricks, etc. Because of the important role of cement in concrete production, several tests are done to get sure of its quality, but other issues such as maintenance of cement and protecting it against moisture and air are important as well.

Cement is stored in a place called cement silo. Cement silo is a standing depot which is used for maintenance and storage of cement. Silos are designed and produced in different capacities according to the specifications of the project. Silos should be located next to the batching plant so that the stored cement be used easily when necessary.

Cement silos are produced in two kinds of static and mobile, static cement silo is a permanent structure which is produced in high capacities while mobile silo is portable and can be transported easily when necessary. Static cement silo is divided in to two kinds as well, up right silo which has no need to foundation and static silo which need foundation for installation.

Mixo can design and produce cement silos by capacities of 60 to 200 tons according to the customers’ needs and specifications of the construction site.

Manufacturing cement silos based on particular cases is the proficiency of this company.

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