Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBS451
High Capacity Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBT512
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW410
7 m³ Truck Mixer Model: MXT712

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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBD160
Sand Washing Plant Model: MSL01
Portable Concrete Batching Plant Model: MPD160
7 m³ Truck Mixer Model: MXT712
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW470
Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBW146

Why to choose Mixo?

What makes mixo different from other manufacturing plants of concrete batching plant and causes its products to be qualified and satisfy learners' needs is its special features. These special features are strategic planning, higher equipment, expert staff, effective communication with customers and offering exclusive and real after sale services which are explained below.

Strategic planning

Mixo is trying to increase the quality of its products by making strategic planning and giving priority to the quality in every process of the production.

By strategic planning we are able to:

1- Prevent occurrence of the problems by forecasting them.

2- Achieve the long-term and predetermined goals by appropriate preparations.

3- Have a format for controlling implementation of programs and activities.

4- Gather information and take advantage of time and resources more effectively.

5- Identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company and try to remove them.

6- Increase the internal communication between employees.

Higher equipment

Due to the advancement of science and technology, there is a considerable development in concrete industry in recent century and different types of concrete are produced and used with various properties and applications. Mixo, benefiting modern technology and considering the international standards, guarantee the high quality of its products and help you in completing your construction projects with the lowest possible cost and time.

Expert staff

One of the important goals of mixo is improving its productivity and as human source has the main role in achieving productivity, mixo benefits expert and experienced man power and by continuous training of managers and employees, motivating them and creating the situations of innovation and creativity is trying to achieve its goal. Mixo intends to reach the goals and strategies of the company with better performance by training experienced and capable force and increase the quality of products.

Effective communication with customers

Mixo behaves its customers not only as a buyer but partner and colleagues of the members and sees them as resources of the company, so tries to remove their needs and draw their satisfaction better than the competitors. This company is trying to improve its products by establishing effective communication with customers, valuing their ideas and using their suggestions and feedbacks. Mixo also wants to draw customers' long-term satisfaction, and believes this goal is achieved by producing machineries with high quality and more efficiency, offering special services to customers and intimacy with them.

Offering exclusive and real after sale services

After years of gaining experience in concrete industry, batching plant, sand washing plant, truck mixer, asphalt plant and cement silo, mixo is ready to offer specific services including face to face or telephone counseling, answering customers' questions and guiding buyers. Mixo believes buying and installing a machinery is the beginning point of cooperation not its end so, by providing initial trainings, giving technical advices, doing all the installation and repair services is trying to remove customers' needs and draw their satisfaction.

Mixo also guarantee all its machineries for 6 months to 1 year and ensures to prepare and supply the needed parts of the products for 5 years.

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