Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBS451
High Capacity Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBT512
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW410
7 m³ Truck Mixer Model: MXT712

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW410
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7 m³ Truck Mixer Model: MXT712

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What is Concrete Batching Plant?

Also known as a batch plant, a batching plant is a device in which the ingredients used to create concrete are combined and blended. The blended concrete mixture is directly transported to the job site with the use of a truck mixer and is immediately used once it arrives at the construction site, a strategy that can often save time and money.

In some instances, the batching plant is established as a temporary facility rather than a permanent plant operation. When this is the case, the actual location of a concrete batching plant is often somewhat close to the construction site. The idea is to use the ready concrete easily and maximize the use of space and time and avoid unnecessary delays in the progress of the construction.

A typical batching plant will include a mixer which is used for mixing the aggregates, water, cement, and other admixtures, and its size depend on the project and construction site.

Date of send: 2012/09/08

Buying guide for Concrete Batching Plant

This article is written to guide you and give the information which is necessary for buying a batching plant. We hope this article helps you in choosing your desirable batching plant and give you useful information to decide on the product you want to buy.

The problems that one may face while buying a batching plant is much more than it is supposed. Even the experienced people may face some problems when replacing the previous batching plant, increasing the capacity or adding another batching plant to the existing one.

It is better to give priority to quality and capacity instead of price, transportation and long-term or short-term payment.

We suggest you to answer some questions about the kind and model of batching plant that you intend to buy before contacting any company or manufacturer.

Date of send: 2012/09/08

What is Truck Mixer?

Truck mixer consists of a truck and a mixer installed on it which is used to transport concrete from where the batching plant is located to the construction site.

There are two kinds of truck mixers: one type is used only to transfer the ready concrete, but the other type is used for mixing as well. In this kind all ingredients and water are added to the mixer and mixing is done during the transportation to the job site.

Truck mixers should not be so far from the construction site so that the ready concrete be used easily.

Date of send: 2012/09/08

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