Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBS451
High Capacity Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBT512
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW410
7 m³ Truck Mixer Model: MXT712

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7 m³ Truck Mixer Model: MXT712
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW410
Portable Concrete Batching Plant Model: MPD160
Sand Washing Plant Model: MSL01
Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBW146
Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBD160

Buying guide for Concrete Batching Plant


This article is written to guide you and give the information which is necessary for buying a batching plant. We hope this article helps you in choosing your desirable batching plant and give you useful information to decide on the product you want to buy.

The problems that one may face while buying a batching plant is much more than it is supposed. Even the experienced people may face some problems when replacing the previous batching plant, increasing the capacity or adding another batching plant to the existing one.

It is better to give priority to quality and capacity instead of price, transportation and long-term or short-term payment.

We suggest you to answer some questions about the kind and model of batching plant that you intend to buy before contacting any company or manufacturer.

Here are some questions that you may need to answer:

  • Are you looking for a mobile batching plant or a concrete stationary batching plant?
  • Do you need central mixer or truck mixer?
  • How many ingredients will be used?
  • How much cement and additive materials will be added?
  • How much concrete do you need to produce every hour?
  • How many hours a day will work the batching plant?
  • Where will the batching plant be installed?
  • Do the necessary investigations have been done? ( unstable area, kind of earth, etc)

If you are experienced in this field, you will answer the above questions easily, but if you don't have enough information about kinds of ingredients, cement or other cases, don't worry, you can contact us to benefit our consulting services.

We will help you to examine your project and will offer you the best suggestion with the lowest price.

If you need help for determining the kind of equipment, it is better to know some details about the use of batching plant:

  • Why do you want to buy the batching plant?
  • Why do you need the batching plant?
  • How long will you use the batching plant?
  • What will you use the concrete for?
  • How will you transfer the concrete?
  • What kind of mixer do you need?(single shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer, pan mixer or drum mixer)
  • How many truck mixers do you need?
  • How much concrete is needed?

You may not be able to respond these questions professionally, but do your best to answer them correctly.

It is obvious that choosing and buying a batching plant need information , investigation and comparison and in this case you can be sure the model and capacity you have selected is suitable to your project or not.

Also it is better to ask some questions about the essential points such as: price, financial resources (leasing), hidden expenses (needed equipment), maintenance, delivery time, transportation, foundation, and finally production process.

Responding these questions and contacting a batching plant manufacturer will help you to gather useful information and make a correct choice in purchasing the batching plant.

And finally, the sales department of mixo is eager to give you advice and answer your questions about batching plant in order to help you make the best selection.

This article belongs to Mixo and using whole or parts of it needs formal authorization from the company.

Date of send: 2012/09/08

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